Terms + Conditions




A bond is required at time of booking and is determined by the the size of the event.

Why is a Bond required?

To secure your booking the bond must be paid and the bond must be paid at least four (4) months prior to requested event date. 

Until the bond is paid, there is the possibility your event date could be taken by another event although, if someone else does request the same event date and you have not paid your bond, we will do our best to contact you so you are given the first right of refusal to hold the date you originally requested.  However, the only certain way to secure the date is to pay the bond.

If the premises or event venue is not left in the same order and condition it was when it was made available to you for the event then sufficient bond money will need to be retained to restore the premises or venue to their previous condition.

If there is breakage or damage to furniture, equipment or other assets caused by you or your guests or as a result of actions taken by you or your guests then sufficient bond money will be retained to enable repair work to be carried out to the item(s) so they can be returned to the condition they were prior to the damage taking place.  

If the Bond money is insufficient to cover the cost of restoring assets to their previous condition or the venue or premises to their previous condition, then we reserve the right to seek further restoration funds from you to cover any additional costs.



Cancellation of your event can mean loss of some or all of your Bond money. As a guide the following conditions apply;

Cancellation earlier than four (4) months from the event date will allow full refund of the Bond.

Cancellation within four (4) months may mean a loss or partial loss of your Bond. If another event is booked for the same date(s) after you have cancelled and no additional costs are incurred by Glenrock Gardens, then we would be in a position to refund some or all of your bond.


Inclement Weather

If bad weather requires the event to be cancelled then this is, we believe, a shared risk. We, as the venue, will have incurred costs in preparing the venue for your special day and therefore, we would propose withholding up to 50% of the Bond if it was agreed by both parties that the event could not be held due to the weather.  If it was deemed by you that you could not proceed with the event due to the weather but it was determined by us that the event could have proceeded, then we reserve the right to withhold up to 100% of the Bond. If you rebook the event under the same conditions, there is no loss of bond.