A selection of photos displaying some of the garden rooms at Glenrock Gardens in various seasons.


The Lakes

A series of picturesque lakes meander through the gardens providing a scenic backdrop with stunning reflections. A 'Wind in the Willows' rowboat swings from the pontoon situated on the main lake. Irises, pondeteria and banks of  roses and honeysuckle trail into the water and small islands containing Magnolia virginiana, irises, tortured willows and roosting places for the many water fowl can be explored via a jetty. They are home to many different water birds such as moorhens, coots, wood ducks, cormorants and night herons.


The Terraces 

Four individual terraces, containing many different perennials, roses, magnolias, peonies, dahlias and kniphofias, lead down to the main lake and are a tapestry of colour especially in early-mid Summer. They are edged in dry stonework and extend to a lovely sitting area under an Acer Flamingo 'Negundo'. 


The Double Borders

This area has recently undergone renovation, including the creation of a completely new privet wall to conform to the standard double borders look. The beds are a riot of colour in spring, autumn and summer with distinct colour palettes of either pastels or bright colours.



The Croquet Lawn

The lawn provides a cool refreshing square of green, flanked by two large zelcovas on one side, camellias, dogwoods, prunus and roses, and a hornbeam hedge. A great place to play croquet, bocce or to erect a marquee for events on the southern side of the main house.

The Secret Garden  

A  hidden gem with mop top robinias, a standard Japanese Wisteria and parterre hedges of duranta and a tall cypress wall which leads to a pretty circular pond and fountain and a stand of clumping bamboo.

The Wisteria Walk

In Spring, this gravelled trellised area is a superb vision of deep purple racemes of the Japanese wisteria with a beautifully carved wooden statue 'Lorelei, Lady of the Lake' looking out over the main lake. 

The Red Oak Garden

A medium-sized room on the western face of the main house, including a pond and gardens of roses on trellises, viburnums, deutzias, native hibiscus, elderberry, lilacs and other cottage garden plants (daphnes, magnolias, hydrangea, salvia, gaura etc). 



The Reef Garden

This was first established on top of a site of quartz and contains flowering perennials such as phlomis, euphorbias, agapanthus, Choisya ternata and berberis. A sweet shady sitting spot can also be discovered here beside a small pond filled with irises.

The Prunus Walk

This walk directs the visitors from the eastern end of the garden to the cottage garden and the Wisteria Walk. Sentinels of Prunus nigra fastigiata are underplanted with small may bushes and are a sight to behold in Spring. Behind this avenue grows the unusual Arbutus, various tree peonies and roses.



The Prairie Border

A dry river bed and a large selection of North American prairie grasses define the Prairie Border. Along with many crepe myrtles, conifers, deciduous mature trees and perennials, there is always so much of interest for the visitor to admire.

The Ha-ha Wall And Gardens

Includes the brightly coloured autumn foliage of Nyssa Sylvatica  and willows and a lovely grassy area, where canapes and drinks can be served while wedding photography occurs.



The Woodland Walk

This path, beneath mature deciduous trees is lined with bluebells and hellebores and allows the visitor to traverse from the southern bank of the lakes to the north. It ends in a circular bed enclosing a copse of Betula pendula, commonly known as Silver Birch, underplanted with Shasta daisies and the rare Irish Yew.

The Entrance Garden

This is a Mediterranean style dry circular bed (echinops, agastache, roses, Russian sage etc) which precedes the entry path to the gardens. The old-fashioned medlar can be seen in this garden. The entry path is lined with poplars on one side and a teuchium and lavender hedge on the other.



The Tree Cathedral

Circular rock walls define a wilder area of towering eucalypts, mahonias and tree ferns with banks of vinca, honeysuckle and wild roses. Dotted with rhododendrons and azaleas, this area is also home to a flourishing community of Acers.

The North Bank

The North Bank includes a mixture of honeysuckle, vincas, and willows (both the standard and tortured types) and a gazebo, where weddings often take place beside the lake. The vast array of older deciduous trees that are planted here come into their glory in Autumn.



The Spring Border

This is a lovely shaded border which surrounds the southern side of the main house. There are many bulbs (daffodils, jonquils, hellebores, ivy etc) and vireya rhododendrons, heucheras, viburnums, forest pansy and other small interesting plants

The Cottage Garden

Luscious elephant ears, solomon’s seal, hostas, green goddess lilies etc. can be found in various beds next to the Summer Cottage. Snowberries, Kerria japonicas and magnolias grow underneath oaks and acers here and there is a broad curved hedge of eliagnus which is magnificent. Groups of rosellas can be seasonally seen here as they feast on the berries of the Cotoneaster shrubs.



The Park

This area is popular with photographers as it contains mature deciduous trees, a lake surrounded by irises and a rock platform area above the lake where you can admire the stunning lake reflections. In addition, a Monet-style bridge spans the lake and is an excellent location for picture-perfect wedding photos.